Enmeshed: ‘And Then There Was Stuff’

Enmeshed: ‘And Then There Was Stuff’

Project La Gorda: Additional Design Component

Consumption comes back to bite when we move to a new dwelling. There it all is. The sum expression of

our material lives. We are confronted with the accumulation of ‘stuff’, the consequence of both material

needs and consumptive excess.

‘Meaningful domesticity is the crucible affording comfort, amenity, retreat and connection within our dai-

ly routine. The crucible of our productive lives’. (Eastman, 2022). These lives are underpinned by a part

functional, part dysfunctional relationship to ‘things’ to ‘stuff’

A sea of triple sliding door mirrored cupboards framed with chipboard and melamine harbours the ex-

cess and conceals the ‘vice’. Unconcealed ‘things’ are subject to a spectrum of ordering: from a scatter-

ing of things we call disorder or ‘mess’ to the other extreme of obsessive compulsive ordering.

What if the furniture itself could furnish the psychology and change our consumptive impulses by reve-


What if the furniture of storage substituted the need for walls taking on the role of privacy?

What if the furniture itself was adaptable, moveable, demountable with the changing use of the space it


What if the material was durable and low cost; the unit easy to install?

What if the design could be personalised, customised and soften with fabric that might just also be part

of multicultural identity?

What if the design was all of the above?

Speculations on Unceded Land, UON, 2023

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