Mc Nally House, Bellingen

Mc Nally House, Bellingen

The McNally House project entailed  the design of a new residential pavilion and alterations to the heritage dwelling  for guest accommodation.

McNally house is on the edge of the commercial and civic centre of Bellingen, NSW in a conservation area.  The house was built in 1887 by the Mc Cristal Brothers and Architect George Moore.

The client established a retail business in the premises selling acoustic guitars, renting rooms for music lessons and a performance space.  The brief to expand to incorporate accommodation for the proprietors and visiting performers. 

The type of business and the character of the building complement each other and it was in the owner’s interests to preserve the heritage aspects while integrating new forms for the additional space requirements. An expressive roof line and volumes were sought for the additions to mark its point in the continuum, while subtle difference in timber dressing and patina blended the two together. For guests, renovation of the attic space along with incisions in the form of an external stair and 3 south facing contemporary dormer windows resolved issues of access and light. A process of weighing sensitivities and satisfaction of the array and diversity of functions in what became a small scale iconic cultural centre for music in Bellingen.

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