Melbourne School of Design Incubator

Melbourne School of Design Incubator

AURA has taken part in the international design ideas competition for demountable school buildings run by Future Proofing Schools, the Melbourne School of Design and Incubator.

To order the many attributes of space and envelope that surround children, so that they can learn ‘a life of engagement, the meaningful life’…….and then!  To dismantle, transport and re-establish this order to the same, similar level in another location, another setting, another context.

The design ideas within, explore adaptability and movement of these orders when it is to be re-located outside of its ‘normal habitat’ or range of tolerance habitat.

It also explores identity.  How to create an envelope that is not only comfortable in it’s setting and enhances comfort of its occupants, but is also comfortable with itself.

To challenge ideas of adaptability within one working method, two sites with very different cultural and physical contexts have been chosen namely: primary schools in Melbourne & Darwin.

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