North Arm Bowraville

North Arm Bowraville

Situated on 100 acres in the North Arm valley in the hinterland of Macksville is this simple, overextended and over internalised fibro cottage. The brief: to recast this dwelling in terms of environmentally sustainable principles injecting thermal mass to walls (with Hempcrete) and floors and strategically opening the external skin to solar ingress.  With low embodied carbon, Hempcrete’s natural fibres act as a reinforcement to the sand, lime and cement binders.  The composition is a medium weight non-load bearing monolithic mass acting as insulation, thermal mass an outside wall and an inside finish that can be rendered to suit.  Additionally Hempcrete is fire proof, termite proof and has high acoustic absorption properties.  New timber windows with double glazing and hardwood screens were specified to add a contemporary sophisticated quality and to soften and mask the history of clunky and awkward architecture.

Year Built:
(under development) 2021

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