Residence North Fitzroy

Residence North Fitzroy

This Edwardian era dwelling in the heart of North Fitzroy is double fronted with the characteristic  lacework embellishments. The 3 bedroom dwelling with central hallway serves the original four main habitable rooms and an 80’s living kitchen extension spatially challenged a family of five with three young adult children and covid lockdowns.

The proposal takes a minimal disturbance approach with a low set single story extension while introducing more flexible in use functional space.  The existing (1980’s) kitchen extension is to be removed and replaced by a tapered (in plan) transition space (corridor) that also serves as a ‘media hub’, library and resource area. The existing dining functions on many levels as a transition space, meeting, sitting or break out space from the  main living and or new main kitchen and dining area.  The balance of space in and around the area to the east of the corridor presented the opportunity for a courtyard space with advantage of maintaining light, ventilation and separation to both the new pavilion and existing dwelling. It also ensures a direct access to the rear garden from the original dwelling optimising circulation and access in and around the dwelling.

The laneway building is a predominantly single storey skillion roof structure with a seperate living, writer’s den, bathroom serving the plunge pool, garage and a mezzanine storage area.

The additions are clad in a blackened rough sawn batten and board, in combination and in contrast to FC sheet in a brilliant white to render the composition a contemporary expression referencing the heritage context.

Year Built:
2022 (under construction)

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