Solar Passive Dwelling Fernmount

Solar Passive Dwelling Fernmount

2 bedroom/2 bathroom dwelling on small acreage in Fernmount, Bellingen, NSW.  Contemporary family dwelling with building mass, roofs and fenestration designed to maximise solar access in the winter.  Robust outdoor living canopy with cantilevered shading screen for protection from the weather, to increase height and spaciousness while feeling protected and convivial.  Kitchen/dining, media and lounge areas are flexible in use by way of open plan living with the spaces interconnected across split levels.  Bedrooms are separated in plan with an upstairs parent’s bedroom retreat seperate and distant from a lower level garden orientated bedroom retreat.  Skillion roofs and angular forms in plan add a level of uniformity and continuity to the overall plan.  Amenities such as laundry , parking and storage are positioned to the south.

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