Verandah Pavilion Bellingen

Verandah Pavilion Bellingen

From the existing low set, shaded and disconnected outdoor area a spontaneous plan developed to resolve multiple circulation and spatial deficits.  The proposed verandah pavilion addition to an iconic weatherboard cottage in South Street Bellingen is at the crossover point of informal entrance to kitchen, side verandah, large rear garden and pool.   The level were split and with low set stairs at the entrance and from the existing verandah. With the slope dropping away to the pool the verandah became a balcony lookout to the to the garden and pool.

The side of the open verandah were shielded from the neighbours by a gallery wall and from the south by shutters.  An outdoor kitchen bench hangs over the internal courtyard fish pond.

The roof is a truncated hip and gable roof with open gable roof lights balancing light to the painted timber soffits.  This sublime space accommodated a large 14 seater table crowned by a chandelier.

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